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•SOLOS (2017)
  Group Exhibition
  Mason Fine Art Gallery. Atlanta GA

• Persona  ( 2015 - 2016 )
  Traveling Exhibition
  SCAD Trois Gallery, Group Show. Atlanta GA
  SCAD Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah GA

• Open Studio Night ( 2015 )
   SCAD Gallery, Group Show. Atlanta GA

• Open Studio Night ( 2014 )
   SCAD Gallery, Group Show. Atlanta GA





About the Artist


From the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Frances Neyra Claudio defines herself as a Fine Art and Commercial Photographer. She started her journey early in middle school where she discovered that through a lens, studying different subjects and a camera the possibilities of creating art were infinite.  Photography became an outlet and a media to both manifest a lot of her personal and home struggles. Her journey began in 2008 at the Liga de Arte of San Juan Puerto Rico, where she would take classes on Saturdays. After she graduated High School in 2010 she then decided she would attend the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus for her BA in Photography but later on transferred and is currently on her Senior year working towards earning her BFA in Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Atlanta, GA, USA.

Inspired by light and darkness, Frances's commercial work is mainly focused in color palettes and energy.  While her fine art work focuses on the contradiction of social beliefs, taboos & identity, her work also deals with themes such as the human body, movement, memory, innocence and remembering the forgotten. Frances’s work has a tone of sensibility while commenting on the human social and personal behavior.